This is a easy recipe for making mask.

necessary goods
cloth 34cm×23cm
(1inch= 2.54centimeters)


1:Cut the cloth to sizeIron like this

Approximately OK




Open the front side about 15 cm

3:Iron further with its 15 cm fold

4:Open that place once.Weave the fluffy part inside.

And iron.


Two places

There are two places to pass the string

It is a little difficult without an iron.

While wetting with spray etc.

I think you can do it with a crease.


< inside

You can  put non-woven fabricニコニコ

< Maybe non-woven fabric is easy to get. When combined with it, handmade masksis good,I think I use a little amount of cloth, but when you make it you can understand, but it will be fourfold pretty solid. Dear NY people from japanese woman. Please push the botton I try the ranking! にほんブログ村 インテリアブログへ